True Freedom Comes From Within.

This little discovery made all the difference for me.

Nichee Kay


We all want things don’t we?

It’s part of human nature. We see things, and if it makes us feel good, we desire them. They lodge themselves deep inside our minds and we can’t stop obsessing over it, sometimes to the point where the thought gets manifested into reality.

It’s true. Think about it — every human invention began with a humble but persistent thought.

And that is the nature of our mind.
It is persistent, imaginative but most of all — playful. The mind can be extremely charming. That’s why so many of us identify with it.

We think, “we are our thoughts. We are our mind.” We hear voices in our head and we think, “that’s me talking.

When really, we aren’t.

We are beyond the mind.

Some call it God, some call it a deep space within you, some call it a stillness. Whatever it is, it cannot be described. It is too massive for words or images. But it can definitely be felt. And it feels very real.

It is what Arthur Schopenhauer calls the Will.(To find out more about this, check out the video below:)

Spirituality is the path to discovering the TRUE “YOU”, or whatever you want to call it.

It is the the transcendence of the concept that “I am my mind. I am this person [insert your name here].

It’s hard to really stay in that state when there isn’t any language to really hold it down but I discovered something lately that is able to make it…



Nichee Kay

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