The Dilemma Of A Highest-order Mentor

Do You have to Parent your Mentees?

Nichee Kay


A few weeks ago, I wrote this article on the idea of being “Nurturing-deficient”.

It’s my personal thoughts on parenthood and my strong belief that NOT everybody is meant to be a parent.
(If you’re interested, just click the link👇 below👇 to give it a quick read.)

However, I am also faced with a dilemma now because I have concluded that:

I am NOT apt to be a parent,


my ultimate end-goal in life is to be a Mentor.

And that is what this article would be all about:

What if you don’t feel apt enough to be a parent but you are determined to be a Mentor?

Could they be mutually exclusive?

I think the dilemma stems from some very obvious common threads between Parenting and Mentoring


  1. Both require you to be nurturing.
  2. Both require you to be patient.
  3. Both require you to be responsible for another human being.

At the same time, there are also clear differences between the 2:

  1. Parenting is expected to be a 24/7 job, while Mentoring is not; it has a more distant vibe to it.
  2. Parenting is expected to cover all aspects of Life, Mentoring is allowed to choose its own topics.
  3. Parenting has the reputation of being a thoroughly emotional experience, Mentoring has a cooler, more collected, sage-like vibe to it. (in short, you’re less likely to get your emotions in a mess.)

Here’s where it gets tricky:



Nichee Kay

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