Still Confused Over Originality vs Authenticity?

Read this to clear your doubts.

Nichee Kay


Understanding this will lift a massive burden off your shoulders.

And you’ll feel so light again.

I think too many people are stressed out about being original, thinking that it determines how authentic they are.

Fact: Originality ≠Authenticity

hmm tell me more…

So without further ado, let’s start with a really high-level breakdown of the difference between Originality & Authenticity.


It exists for the first time ever.

Nothing precedes it.

It is the root node.


It exists as it is, in its purest form.

Nothing compares to it.

It is the only node.

#1: Do You Want To Be First Or Do You Want To Be You?

Ultimately, this is the question this article boils down to…

Which do you prefer?

  1. Be the first one to the party, so you can eat all the shrimp cocktails before the rest of the crowd rolls in?
  2. Be the one who’s fashionably late but lights up the room when you enter, gets all love and no hate, because everyone was looking forward to seeing you anyway.

Most people started off wanting to be the first at everything.
And let’s not kid ourselves, this attitude towards excellence is very commendable and worthy of praise.



Nichee Kay

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