Netflix’s “The Crown” isn’t Uptight, It’s a Return to Decency

3 Lessons from the Royals that can make us all more decent human beings.

Nichee Kay


So I binged all 4 seasons of “The Crown” last week.

And. It. Was. Delicious.

Image from Netflix

My favourite character is by far Princess Margaret, which is kind of ironic for the title of this article. Nevertheless, I believe she is still far more decent than 80% of the human race right now. I also believe we, as a collective human race, is in deadly need of a refresher course on decency.

Naturally, one feels quite self-restrained after watching the series, with all the uptight protocols, excessive etiquettes and HRHs.

But not in a bad way...

In fact, I think it has made me a more effective communicator at work, a more tactful friend and just a more decent human being all around.

Since I quite like myself this way, I thought I should share how I came to become like this through the 3 lessons I’ve learnt from “The Crown”:

#1 Have Faith until the End

From Season 3, Episode 4 “Bubbikins”

In one of the most moving scenes of Season 3, Princess Alice said to Prince Philip:

“Let this be a mother’s gift… to her child. The one piece of advice — find yourself a faith. It helps…no, not just helps. It’s everything.”

The good news is everyone has faith. I would go so far as to say it’s an instinct, because… human beings are made to get tired of life, aren’t we? That’s why there is Death (thank god this whole thing ends one day). And you do need a little help to get through one of those god-awful days sometimes you know? It keeps you sane and stops you from behaving like a lil bitch.

But not just any kind of help. Help that actually…helps.

That’s why people have historically put their faith in solid, dependable and unwavering things/concepts, like religion, God, a higher cause, Music, Art, the Crown etc.



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