Netflix Musings: What I’ve Learnt from Al Pacino in “Scent of A Woman”

“No mistakes in the tango, Donna. Not like life.”

Nichee Kay



Finally got down to watching “Scent of A Woman”

Story was alright. I’m just so happy they had Al Pacino play the sensational Colonel Slade.

Mr Pacino was such a terrifying force in the movie.
Every time he spoke I was all ears; I gave him my absolute attention.

The Gorgeous Gabrielle Anwar with Al Pacino

If you haven’t watched this movie and plan to do so, you can find it on Netflix.

But for now,🚨 SPOILERS ALERT!🚨

My favourite scene was the tango scene, of course.

I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot when Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar were dancing together.

During that scene, it was like he was temporarily released from whatever f*ckery he was chained to.

There was a light bounce to his character.
And it brought great relief to me.

Because…as much as he was a grumpy old cynic, I was rooting for him throughout the show.

But what really sealed the deal for me was this quote:

“No mistakes in the tango, Donna. Not like life. It’s simple. That’s what makes the tango so great.

If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.”

It really showed you how battered up he felt and how hard he’s trying to cope.



Nichee Kay

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