How These 4 Labels Make Millennials Worse.

Defending My Generation…

Nichee Kay


As a millennial, we’ve been called many things but these are my personal favourites:

  • Entitled
  • Lazy
  • Narcissistic
  • Anti-authority

Ever had any of these wonderful adjectives thrown at you? By your family, your boss or even your own damn self??

It’s nothing new anymore. And so it no longer irritates me like it used to. But I still have to step up and defend my generation because of all the defense mechanisms that are showing up.

Let’ go through them one by one!


I feel like anyone can be entitled, with a little bit of perspective. Just like anyone can be beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb, lucky or unfortunate. It’s no biggie, you can just comfort yourself by saying,

hey man, it’s all relative.

But entitlement leaves you a bitter aftertaste when you say that, because it thrives on people’s bruised egos.

The criticism of “being entitled” directly addresses a person’s ignorance of their own flaws(which is usually the case — we often don’t realize our own shortcomings.) And so, the more you try to ignore or rationalize the entitlement away, the more it grips onto you. Cest la vie.

The Defense Mechanism

  • Numbing oneself from all criticisms — whether constructive or not.

2 things usually happen when one is called “entitled” all the time:
(a) you believe it enough to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy or
(b) you try your hardest to shake…



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