BYOB: How to Be Your Own Bank

Cash-flow Investing 101 — How to manage your loans like a Cash-flow Pro.

Nichee Kay


Taking the Bank’s System and making it your own.

First of all, what the hell is Cash-flow investing?

It is creating economic independence by having enough recurring income coming in each month from :


assets that create incoming cash (e.g real estate)


entrepreneurial passive income — even while you are AFO/AFK. (Away From Office/Keyboard)

In essence, this is what you DO NOT want to do👎:

  • saving and accumulating wealth for your future
  • risking your future in an uncontrollable market,
  • letting your money be managed in a way which you aren’t informed about, you don’t even know whether there’re any fees involved to manage your money

Here is what you SHOULD do with Cash-flow investing👍:

CREATING more assets and PRODUCING more cashflow!

First let’s analyse how banks make money

Ever heard of OPM?

It stands for : Other People’s Money.

That’s the crux of the whole banking system. They are EXPERTS of Cash-flow investing!

They use your money to lend out to other people, and make massive earnings through that very process.

Here’s the process:

  • Let’s say you put money into ABC Bank, and they pay you a 2%…



Nichee Kay

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