*BONUS* Style Lesson: How To Reclaim Your Roots For Authenticity.

You are more unique than you think.

Nichee Kay


“Do you feel like everyone’s sort of amalgamating into the same type of person nowadays?”

These are the things that bother me:

  1. Turn on social media and everyone’s style/aesthetic/ideals are literally just a copy of everyone else’s.
  2. We’re forcing ourselves into a box when there’s a whole world out there to explore.

Sure, I admit there are certain things in life that are highly sought after. And I’m sure there must be well-founded reasons for this phenomenon.

But let me be the devil’s advocate here and give you my personal take on this:

I just feel like blindly following these “desirable standards” is kinda irresponsible, especially when the possibilities could be endless.

Look, if you agree with me, let me know by giving this article a clap👏. Just out of curiosity, I want to see how many people actually feel the same way as me!

Systems can be modelled after but not Success.
You can’t take success out of context.

For example, you could model Person A’s fool-proof marketing strategy and I have no doubts it would bring you success…but how sustainable is it? That’s what I truly care about.

You see, people can promise you success but no one cannot promise you sustainability.

That’s because sustainability is a very intimate private journey. It is dependent on your personal desires and hinges on your specific “why?”
In other words, figure out why you’ve chosen to pursue a particular endeavour and you’ll have a better idea of how sustainable it can be.

If you feel like you’re not authentic, I believe the lack of introspection might be the underlying problem. There are very little authentic people in the world today and my vision is simply to…



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