Are You In A Situationship?

3 Reasons Why It’s Pretty Good For You.

Nichee Kay


I’m so glad I chanced upon this song on Spotify.

Listen hard to the lyrics, they say a lot about modern love.

“Situationship” by Snoh Aalegra:



(I had never heard of it until this song came along.)

Here is the simplest definition I can give:

Situationship : the GREY AREA before the “what are we?” confrontation. It’s the messy flipping of the book before you guys finally fall on the same page.

I thought giving some real-life examples would be helpful…

What it is NOT:

  • fuck buddies or friends with benefits
  • girlfriend-boyfriend,
  • Exclusivity,
  • Polyamory
  • Open relationship,
  • Open dating

Because at least each of these examples has a title for it.
Bottom line: Both of you actually know wtf is going on.

What a situationship really is, is…well…a situation:

  • when the “what are you looking for” section of your/their dating app profile still says…



Nichee Kay

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