15 Biggest Epiphanies for any Young Adult

In rapid-fire fashion (TL;DR)

Nichee Kay


This article is inspired by the “Notes” App in my phone.

Epiphanies somehow have a disregard for convenience and every time they come to me, it has never been the best time — I’m either commuting in an intensely packed train, waiting in line, showering or watching a movie.

But anyway, I try my best to record them on my phone. Yes, some got lost in the wind, some came back, albeit less impactful than the first encounter. But it’s the contemplation that really excites me. So I treasure them all the same.

Without further ado, here are my top 15 epiphanies:

  1. How can you retire from the act of breathing?” -Jennifer Lewis
    Epiphany: There is a Will greater, wiser and more real than me(my ego).

(if you would like to learn more about this, I highly recommend you check out my article below: )

2. “Move through the fire and help somebody.” -Jennifer Lewis
Epiphany: There is always public benefit from the overcoming of one’s private adversities.

3. “Love is a place you go.” -Esther Perel
Epiphany: Love is like a shark, it can only stay alive with movement, action and effort.

4. “Nature abhors a vacuum.”
Epiphany: Replacement therapy can only work if you release first before you fill.



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